Richmond Riding Academy

    Location » Richmond Riding Academy appears in 30 issues.

    Kyle Richmond purchased and designed this facility to serve as an unofficial headquarters for The Defenders.

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    Not long after Nighthawk joined the Defenders, Valkyrie noted she needed a stable to house her steed Aragorn. Nighthawk, honored to be a member of the Defenders, used his riches to buy a ranch in Long Island for Valkyrie. The Defenders went on to use it as their base for a long time.

    Decades later, after the Defenders had disbaned, Nighthawk allowed the Thunderbolts to use it as a headquarters when he joined the team. Not long after moving there, Moonstone destroyed the ranch during a battle between Songbird's Thunderbolts team and Baron Zemo's team.

    The Ranch remained destroyed thereafter and was visited by Yondroth and Recorder who noted that it was a pivotal part of Defenders history and would be again. Not long after, Richmond Ranch was repaired and served as the headquarters to Nighthawk's own team of Defenders.


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