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In the comics Richie Rich is the "world's richest kid" and uses his fortune for adventures.

Television and Movies

There were two Richie Rich movies.

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The first was released in 1994 starring Macaulay Culkin.

The second one was Richie Rich's Christmas Wish starring David Gallagher. This movie was made four years after the first.

Ironically enough, the first Richie Rich film came out the same year that Harvey went out of the comic book business. The comic book adaptation of the original film was released by Marvel Comics and was drawn in the "cartoony" style that Richie Rich was known for.

On February 20, 2015, Netflix released a 10 episode series loosely based on Richie Rich produced by Irish / Portuguese production company AwesomenessTV which is owned by DreamWorks Animation.

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It stars:

Jake Brennan as Richie Rich

Joshua Carlon as Murray

Jenna Ortega as Darcy

Lauren Taylor as Harper Rich

Kiff VandenHeuvel as Cliff Rich

Brooke Wexler as Irona

Nathan Anderson as Tahj

It differs from both the comic and the past film in that instead of being born rich Richie is a self-made trillionaire who invented a jet engine that runs on vegetables he hates to eat.


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