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Who's the king?
Who's the king?

Richarz was king of the Demon World, as well as the guardian of the Door of Magical Essence that imprisoned the magic essence of the first king; Herrschaft Grimm. One day, the magi got out, and Richarz, along with his wife and Wolf Daddy fought the materialized magic in order to force it back through the door. They managed to do this, but not without Richarz's wife being dragged in as well, and Richarz had to absorb some of the magic. Knowing that Grimm's magic would live on in him and eventually take over his body, he asked Wolf Daddy to kill him. Wolf Daddy does so, by pulling his heart out of his body. Richarz's son Braz watches his father's death, believing that Wolf Daddy killed him so that he could take his throne.

10 years after his dead, Richarz is resurrected by Braz, so that he can kill Wolf Daddy and take back his rightful place as king. But after making his son understand that Wolf Daddy didn't betray him, he is killed once again, now by the demon Akim, who not only pulled out Richarz's heart, but also drank up all of his blood, thereby gaining all of Richarz's powers.

Powers & Abilities

Richarz's magic in psychical form.
Richarz's magic in psychical form.

Richarz is a vampire, and therefor among the elite of demons. But being former the king of the Demon World, he was most likely the most powerful one.

He can make his magic take physical form, mostly in the shape of a pair of fangs, that he can use to attack his opponents with. He can also use it to create wings, allowing him flight.

Being a vampire, Richarz has a set of magical fangs, that he can use to suck out blood or magic from whoever he bites. He can still absorb magic, even if the fang is broken of, as long as it's in the flesh of who he wish to drain. His fangs can also be used to alter humans memories and control their actions, but demons are immune to this.

Richarz's magic is used for long range combat, which makes his body vulnerable to attacks. He compensates for this by having incredible regeneration, that makes him survive even the strongest attacks, as long as he has magic enough.

Richarz also has a unique aura that absorbs magic. This means that he is unaffected by energy-based attacks, since he can just consume the magic, and will therefor not be hit by it. He can also give magic to others by merely touching them.

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