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    Richard Pini is an editor, publisher, writer, and (along with his wife Wendy Pini) the co-creator of ElfQuest. Together with Wendy, he is also the co-founder of WaRP Graphics.

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    Richard Pini was a professional astronomer early in his career. In the early 1970's he read a letter written by Wendy that was published in the letters column of the Silver Surfer comic book. The two began a correspondance and were eventually married. Together with his wife Wendy Pini, he launched ElfQuest in 1978. ElfQuest has since become the longest running independant series of comic books and graphic novels.

    The husband and wife team are also the co-founders of WaRP Graphics (which is an acronym for Wendy and Richard Pini).

    WaRP graphics

    Richard and Wendy Pini, the masterminds of elfQuest had maintained an independently published organisation known as WARP graphics. They had decided in the internet-age to offer all of these scanned-comic books to the public free. All of the WaRP publishing archives are available online by visiting , and they feature a fan club and online forums for the discussion of elfQuest.

    Their Series include:

    1. Original Quest of ElfQuest, 1978-1984
    2. ElfQuest: Siege At Blue Mountain, 1986-88
    3. ElfQuest: Kings of the Broken Wheel, 1988-90
    4. ElfQuest: Hidden Years
    5. ElfQuest: Shards
    6. ElfQuest: New Blood
    7. ElfQuest: Blood of Ten Chiefs
    8. Numerous other Novels

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