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    Richard Buckler was a comic book artist who had worked for both DC and Marvel. Primarily during the 70's through the '90s. He was also the co-creator of All-Star Squadron.

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    Long time artist for both DC and Marvel Comics. Co Creator of All Star Squadron.

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    Rich Buckler began drawing comic books professionally in 1967 when his art appeared in Flash Gordon #10 as published by King Features. Since then he has forged a long and illustrious career and has worked on virtually every major character at both Marvel and DC, with several dozen other publishers thrown in including Skywald, Atlas, Malibu and more. He also co-created the character Deathlock for Marvel in the mid 1970s.

    Rich is known for his runs on such heavyweight titles as The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Teen Titans, Superman, All*Star Squadron, Batman, The Flash, Justice League Of America, Warlord, Wonder Woman and many more.

    On this site you'll find details about every aspect of Rich's long and varied career. You'll also find details on how to order original art by Rich and how to arrange a commission. You'll also be able to access interviews with Rich, exclusive web content, find out where he's appearing next, access a detailed checklist of all of Rich's work and much more.


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