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    Ricadonna is a former human criminal kingpin whose empire was torn down by the Daughters of the Dragon. She has recently escaped from prison and become augmented with Skrull organs.

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    On the phone
    On the phone
    Ricadonna was an up-and-coming criminal kingpin with deep pockets and connections in high places, but she used a number of legitimate businesses as a front. 

    Major Story Arcs

    Not knowing she was actually a mob boss, four small time criminals (Humbug, 8-Ball, Whirlwind, and Freezer Burn) break into her penthouse apartment to rob her safe.  Without realizing it they end up stealing something far more valuable than just jewelry, and at the same time were oblivious to the fact that they were being recorded by a security camera.  Soon after Ricadonna is informed of the theft while in the middle of a party and immediately leaves.  After viewing the footage she proceeds to hire assassins to kill the four thieves and retrieve the stolen merchandise which contains an item that she plans to auction off. This in turn puts Misty Knight and Colleen Wing onto her trail as they were trying to find and apprehend the four criminals. 
    After Freezer Burn and 8-Ball are killed, and Whirlwind suffers serious injuries, Humbug runs to Misty Knight and voluntarily gives up the stolen goods.  Amongst the jewelrym, Misty discovers a glass eyeball with a micro-chip hidden inside it.  Using her bionic arm Misty discovers the contents of the chip, but before she can reveal the information, Ricadonna appears out of nowhere, dressed to kill (literally) and attacks Misty.  After a messy battle Ricadonna comes out on top, having cut off Misty's bionic arm to retrieve the chip, but before she can finish the job Humbug uses his powers to summon a massive swarm of bugs and launches Ricadonna and Misty's severed arm out a window. 
    Back in her headquarters Ricadonna has the chip removed from Misty's arm and reveals that it contains a computer virus that in the right hands is capable of toppling governments.  Having successfully retrieved the chip Ricadonna proceeds with the auction only to have it ambushed by Colleen Wing, Iron Fist, and Misty Knight, who was sporting a new and Tony Stark improved arm.  Ricadonna attempts to escape but is stopped by Misty and once again they proceed to fight, however.  This time however, Misty gets the best of her, and Ricadonna soon finds herself in the custody of the NSA and is taken in as a domestic terrorist.

    Heroes for Hire

    After spending some time in prison Ricadonna uses her resources to break out of prison, vowing to exact revenge upon Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, which she kicks off by having a bomb delivered to the Heroes for Hire's office.  Not long afterward Humbug, Tarantula, and Shang-Chi are all attacked by assassins; Tarantula's father was killed as a result, but the others escaped with their lives.  Meanwhile Ricadonna was having herself implanted with Skrull organs, granting her a number of super powers. 
     Green Is The New Blond
     Green Is The New Blond
    It doesn't take long before Ricadonna is tracked down by the Heroes for Hire team, and the transplant lab that she's at comes under attack.  Excited to show off her new powers Ricadonna easily defeats Misty Knight in a one on one fight, however, the Heroes for Hire team as a whole prove to be to much for her to handle, and Ricadonna is forced to make an escape right before the lab explodes.  With her enemies believing her dead, Ricadonna is last seen coming out of the flame of the explosion looking more alien than human.

    Personal Information

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    Height:  5'6" 
    Weight:  129 lbs. 
    Eyes:  Green (Blue before Skrull implants) 
    Hair:  Green (Blond before Skrull implants) 
    Occupation:  Criminal mastermind, terrorist; Former: Celia Enterprises CEO, mafia princess, magazine publisher, television producer, clothing and cosmetic merchant.

    Powers and Abilities

    Originally Ricadonna had no powers whatsoever.  Her personal power stemmed from her vast criminal empire.  She did however possess a mastery of swords, various styles of martial arts, exceptional acrobatic talents, and amazing accuracy with small arms, and throwing knives.  It also should be noted that she seems to be able to pull out various swords and weapons from nowhere.  (Don't bother asking her how, she won't tell.)
    Now in addition to her martial skills, she has been implanted with Skrull organs and has demonstrated a number of super powers, including:  Enhanced strength and speed, shape-shifting, flight, and the ability to generate bioelectric energy around her fists rendering them immune to injury and pain as well as being able to fire the energy from her fists with enough force to penetrate concrete walls.


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