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    Proper Japanese Title: りぼん

    Ribon is a monthly shojo anthology and currently Shueisha's oldest ongoing manga magazine (being only three years younger than its oldest ongoing non-manga magazine). Over the years it has serialized some of the most successful shojo manga franchises of all time, but more often, it serializes shorter series that just last for a few volumes.

    Quite unlike the other major manga magazines, it very rarely has a series that continues over five years (and even some of those are manga that only publish a few pages a month like High Score and Animal Yokochō). In modern days, issues come with free items.

    Ribon also has a significant amount of special issues over the decades that are released under numerous titles whereas most manga magazines use only one or two names for their special issues (and often those spin-off into their own magazine). Some of these spin-offs include: Ribon Fantasy, Ribon Comic, Ribon Comics, Ribon Deluxe, Ribon Teens, Bessatsu Ribon, Ribon o Tanoshimi, Ami to Five! and Ribon Dai Zōkan Gō (the name under which current special issues are usually released).

    Though most of these only lasted a few years, Ribon has had its own long-running spin-offs in Ribon Original (which lasted for twenty five years) and Bouquet, which later became Cookie (aimed at an older female audience, its collections are released under a subset of Ribon Mascot Comics).

    Titles originally serialized in this magazine include:


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