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The spiritist Rialb presides over a sham seance with Paul Ventresco and Wendy Wilson in attendance. Rialb is as shocked as anyone to find himself actually summoning the weird form of an angry ghost. The Monster tells Wendy that she is a family descendant of his and promptly kills her before disappearing.

After Rialb reveals he could not actually summon spirits before this incident, Ventresco plans quickly to dispose of Wendy's body and use the fakir's newfound ability to murder wealthy elites and steal their money. Mayor Clark and D.A. Roy Winkler call on Mr. Justice to investigate the disappearances of wealthy men and women. Arriving at one of Rialb's seances, he finds himself battling a Supernatural Being from the Other World figure of a ghostly creature. Returning to the mayor's office, he informs them that Rialb is the real deal. This causes the mayor and district attorney to accuse Mr. Justice of working with Rialb, sending him to be grilled by policemen. Ventresco and Rialb hear the announcement that they are to be picked up for questioning, causing Ventresco to kidnap Miss Clark. After hearing of Pat Clark's kidnapping, Mr. Justice escapes custody.

Holding her captive, Paul and Rialb summon the Demoniacal Monster of the ghost of Mayor Clark's brother. The monster reveals his hatred for the mayor when he stole the bonds and Mayor Clark would not support him. This caused the Demoniacal Monster to commit suicide. He states he will kill Pat Clark to get revenge on his brother. Mr. Justice shows up to battle the monster, who turns and flees.

"Suddenly, three moaning apparitions break through the clouds of the spirit world." This Trio of Lost Souls explains that they were all murder Ventresco and the places where he disposed of their bodies. After defeating the monster, Mr. Justice captures the criminals and returns to the mayor and the d.a. with the damning evidence against Rialb and Ventresco. He forgives the false accusations Mayor Clark and Roy made against him.


Rialb has the ability to summon spirits of the undead, although how much is attributed to an intrinsic power he possesses or the will of the spirits is not clear. His name is a backward spelling of "Blair". likely after the writer, Joe Blair's last name.


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