Rhadamanthys of Wyvern

    Character » Rhadamanthys of Wyvern appears in 8 issues.

    The strongest of the Three Judges of Hell, and Hades' most loyal Specter, Wyvern Rhadamanthys of the Celestial Fierce Star!

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    Rhadamanthys is the most powerful of Hades' 108 Evil Stars, easily outclassing the other two Judges.  He is also one of only a few Specters whose loyalty to Hades led him to question Pandora's authority.  His only special technique, "Greatest Caution", is capable to destroying nearly any enemy with the force of a typhoon. 
    Leo Aiolia, Aries Mu, and Scorpio Milo all fell at the hands of Rhadamanthys immediately upon entering Hades' castle.  With their power cut to 10%, they stood no chance against the Judge.  Rhadamanthys then proceeded to effortlessly wipe out all four Bronze Saints.  He would also be responsible for the defeat of Lyra Orphee, as he was the only one unaffected by the Silver Saint's sleep song.  He then defeated Seiya again and buried him in Cocytus. 
    During his first run-in with Gemini Kanon, Rhadamanthys was called away, but he later returned to finish the fight, intercepting Kanon as he rushed to join the other Gold Saints.  It seemed that Kanon had the upper hand, but the Gemini Cloth left him to aid in destroying the wailing wall, leaving him defenseless.  Rhadamanthys was preparing to finish him off with Greatest Caution, when Kanon grabbed him and leaped into the air, using Galaxian Explosion to destroy them both.


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