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The cyborg and alien collaborator Rexo was originally a quadriplegic Vietnam War veteran. His handicap embittered him and he became a social outcast. When the Spider-Aliens offered to give him back the use of his limbs by grafting living, alien armor onto him in return for becoming their operative, he eagerly accepted. 
Rexo was employed as a guard on the Spider-Aliens moon base, where he enjoyed tormenting the human captives the Spider-Aliens abducted. While there, he clashed with the Harbinger Resistance and convinced Ax, a Harbinger with technopathic abilities, to betray his teammates. Later, Rexo assaulted Aric Dacia, wielder of the Manowar armor, when the Spider Aliens laid a trap for him on their moon base. He showed his ruthlessness by slaughtering a group of helpless human captives before Aric's eyes, but the enraged Visigoth made short work of him. Aric literally tore Rexo limb from artificial limb and drowned him in the blood of a decapitated Spider-Alien.

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