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Rex the Dog-Faced Boy is part of a sideshow act with the Circus of Crime. Rex and some of his sideshow friends try to leave the Circus of Crime after they free a mermaid named Meriam being held captive by the Ringmaster. Rex and his friends Stilts, Blossom and Major Minor have been on the run from their old circus ever since. They would befriend the Hulk after he finds their wagon. The Hulk feels comfortable with his new group of friends and is infatuated with the beautiful Meriam. The Circus of Crime discover the wagon and a fight breaks out between the two groups. The Hulk is hypnotized by the Ringmaster and Cannonball dispatches the rest of the group. They are held captive until Major Minor manages to break free and helps the Hulk regain his senses. Another fight breaks out and Rex manages to subdue Princess Python while his other friends take care of everyone else. The Circus of Crime is defeated and Meriam is set free in the ocean where she belongs. Rex is no longer with the Circus of Crime and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Rex with his buddy Major Minor.
Rex with his buddy Major Minor.

Powers and Abilities:
Rex has doglike features and can attack his enemies with his bite and claws.

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