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    The Last of the Singing Cowboys

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    A remarkable clean-cut fellow in a group noted for it’s remarkably clean-cut fellows, Rex Allen was known for always shooting straight but fair, always doing the right thing, and always taking care of his faithful horse Koko before taking care of this own needs.





    Rex Allen was the last of the “singing cowboys” with his picture, The Phantom Stallion,” in 1954 being the last in that genre.

    Before that last film however he made 18 others with wonder horse Koko, and side-kick either Buddy Ebsen or Slim Pickens.

    Per what seemed to be some sort of law at the time, that anyone who was in more than 4 westerns got a comic from Dell, Dell devoted first a Four-Color comic, then a series to Rex Allen, starting in 1951, the last film staring him came out in 1954, his comic book career however went on for another 5 years.

    His last brush with fame came in 1962 when his song “Don't Go Near the Indians" made the top 5 of the Country Charts. The theme of the song being that a boy is stopped from running off with his Indian princess love not because of bigotry on the part of his adopted father, but because it turns out the princess is his sister! We are to assume I guess that things worked out for them when they later went on to destroy a Death Star.


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