Comic Vine Review


Zero #6 - Chapter 6: Horse Collectors


The missions and intrigue continues. More pieces are being added to the puzzle.

The Good

Ales Kot continues to spin his web of spy intrigue mixed with a heavy dose of violence. As with the first five issues, this is a story focusing on a single mission for Edward Zero. There is something fascinating about jumping right into the action and see Zero infiltrate an unknown facility. We get to sit back and witness the action as we start to get a feel for what's going on.

Kot uses a different artist for each issue. It's a nice touch in giving each mission a distinct feel and you do get a sense they are chosen specifically for the particular story. Vanesa Del Rey does a great job in delivering an inordinate amount of messy violence. You might have to take a breather after a specific three page sequence of fighting. And, of course, Jordie Bellaire's colors a phenomenal.

As each issue fits into the overall story of Edward Zero, we get a bit of a revelation that calls back to a previous issue and will catch you off guard. Just because each issue is a stand alone mission, that doesn't mean we're not seeing a build up for the big picture.

The Bad

There is a slight sense of confusion as we are thrown into the middle of the mission. We don't pick up where issue five left off so you might find yourself going back and checking previous issues (or the trade). With Zero's lack of social skills, you don't always know what is exactly going on in his head. We get a pretty wild ending and hopefully we'll see more beyond the post-interrogation transcript at the end of the issue.

The Verdict

ZERO continues its frenetic and in-your-face pace. Ales Kot keeps the action flowing and adds more pieces to the story. Vanesa Del Rey's art style fits the story nicely and delivers a great sequence of action and violence, showing what Zero's world is all about. There are a couple slight moments of confusion but provided you're invested in the story and have been paying attention, you'll be hanging onto every page and panel. ZERO is a series where you'll find yourself wanting to re-read each issue over and over again. With each new issue, you'll find and appreciate the hints and bits of information that you only just discovered.