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Zatanna #16 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice


Writer Adam Beechen teams up with artist Victor Ibanez to deliver one of the best issues of Zatanna in her series so far. Even though this is a DC book, it reads more like something from Vertigo. Gorgeous book, and lovely story -- another reason why I am sad to see the series come to an end.

Issue #16 of Zatanna is the final one in the series, and man is it fantastic. This self contained story is perfect for any reader and will leave you wanting more.

The Good

First off, what a fantastically written issue! Writer Adam Beechen definitely did his research on Zatanna and it shows. Not only does he manage to capture her voice perfectly, but he will leave you hanging on her every word. The story flows effortlessly and reads more like a Vertigo comic than anything mainstream. The way this issue is written, coupled with Victor Ibanez's breathtaking art reminded me of Bill Willingham's FABLES. The story centers around Zatanna, who is exhausted and simply want to go to sleep after a long show, and a turbulent flight. However, her peaceful rest is disrupted by Uriah, a descendant of the Roanoke Colony. This particular character is of relation to a character that appeared previously in the series by the name of Klarion -- and while they may look alike, they are not the same. Uriah has come seeking an appreticeship from Zatanna, and when he does not get what he wants he proceeds to lead her on a wild goose chase around (and outside) her house. The story is gorgeous and will suck you in completely. The art is absolutely phenomenal -- the pencils and colors are brilliant and will leave you wanting more.

The Bad

There is nothing bad here, just a gorgeous and well written final issue to a lovely series.

The Verdict

This series has been pretty good, but Beechen captures 'Z' in a way I have not really seen. I love her interpretation in this issue. Uriah is a mischievous yet likeable character which might remind you of Damian Wayne. This is by far one of my favorite issues in Zatanna'z series, and one that will leave you wishing the series was not ending. Definitely worth picking up.