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X-Men: Schism #2 - Schism Part Two


Can the a new generation of kids take down the X-Men?

Marvel releases the second issue in their five part story arc which promises to alter the current state of the X-Men team as we know it.

The Good

If I have to point out one thing about this issue I found to be exceptional, it's the art. Then again, when you have an artist like Frank Cho penciling the issue, it's hard to make a mistake. The art is very good. The story however, left something to be desired. One thing I could appreciate from this issue was the pacing. In no way did the issue feel rushed. The evidence between Cyclops and Wolverine is evident and increasing in this issue. The heightened tension between the two characters has been gradual, something I think is important. Writer Jason Aaron has been cautious not to reveal all his cards at once.

I think it is interesting to rope the Hellfire Club into the story; it's been a while since I have seen them take center stage in any "X" books.

The Bad

I hate to say it, but I'm having trouble getting behind the idea that a group of rich, snot nosed kids have taken the reigns and full control of the Hellfire Club, and now plan to exterminate mutantkind. I just don't find it feasible. I know, it's a comic book; it's not meant to be realistic. I guess I just don't find the idea of a bunch of kids being in so much control and concocting plans against the entire mutant race as interesting or believable. The story doesn't really have me at the edge of my seat, either. I understand Quentin's character is supposed to be obnoxious, but in this series he's gone too far. There is such thing as a character being *too* annoying. So far, I'm not impressed with the story's set up, so hopefully it will pick up.

The Verdict

The last two issues in general have not been incredibly interesting. That's not to say the writing or the art was necessarily bad, because it wasn't; it moreso has to do with the premise of the story. For whatever reason I am just not interested or invested in the current SCHISM story line. I find that the adversaries in the book are not engaging or very interesting, and their motives are not very clear. Basically, a bunch of kids and some low grade sentinels vs. the entire mutant race does not make for an exhilarating story. This isn't something totally new and interesting that we have never seen before.