Comic Vine Review


X-Men: Legacy #275 - Era


Rogue and Mimic team up to fight a riot, and Rogue shows just how great of a leader she really is.

The Good

One of the great things about X-MEN LEGACY is that Rogue is front and center as the leader of the team. It's great to see her in this position. I think the writers have developed her character into an individual with fantastic leadership skills. The story opens with her front and center, talking to Mimic. It's great to see these two interact and writer Christos Gage draw a comparison between these two based on their powers and skill sets. Mimic and Rogue do have a lot in common, and it's good to see them interact. It's up to Mimic and Rogue to fight off a riot of super-powered criminals, and things get pretty crazy in this issue. I think one of the best things about this issue (besides the cameos and crazy action-packed panels), is the fact that Gage knows how to write Rogue really well. There's a great scene halfway through the comic where she stands before imprisoned mutants and gives a great speech on why they should side with her. It's a really powerful moment that conveys just how strong of a leader she really is, especially considering everything she's been through.

David Baldeon's pencils, Jordi Tarragona's inks and Rachelle Rosenberg's colors are absolutely stunning. The talents of each of these artists is really evident, and these three work well together to deliver some truly gorgeous comic book art. The scenes are illustrated clearly, organized well, and the emotions of the characters are clearly conveyed through the art. The art in this book is superbly done.

Oh, and can I just say that it was pretty awesome seeing Rogue consume the powers of all these different mutants to become one giant, menacing, ugly mutant that kicks all types of butt? I think it's important to note that while the comic does focus on Rogue's leadership abilities as this character that can kick a lot of butt; I think the fact that she is able to be there as a shoulder for Mimic to lean on (particularly in the end) and give him some great advice goes to show just how great of a leader she has become.

The Bad

Nothing bad to say about this issue; well written and beautifully illustrated. A fitting end to a very long series.

The Verdict

If you love Rogue and you want to really see her in action, this is definitely the book for you. Like I said above, not only does she kick all kinds of butt in this issue; but she is also portrayed as a character that has her stuff together. She's grown up a lot, and she demonstrates that she is able to be a great leader both on and off the battlefield. Great characterization of Rogue in this issue and an awesome team-up between Rogue and Mimic make this a solid issue. Pair this great story with some beautiful art, and you have a winning book.

As the last issue of X-MEN LEGACY before the launch of Marvel NOW!, this is certainly a great end to this solid series. The conclusion feels appropriate and definitive. This is just a really well executed final issue.