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X-Men #5 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 3


Scott and Jean are on the run, and the X-Men are on the hunt.

The Good

The X-Men track down Scott and Jean, who stole the Blackbird in Chapter Two of Battle of the Atom. The past, present, and future come together to try save the future.

As far as this being a chapter of Battle of the Atom goes, this is a fine issue. It's a great continuation from ALL NEW X-MEN, and even though this book has a different creative team, the transition is incredibly smooth. The story itself is one that's on the run. It's focus is heavily on what happened to Jean and Scott after the Blackbird crashed.

This issue reminds me of a much more light-hearted and fun version of the ADVENTURES OF CYCLOPS AND PHOENIX. It's nice to see these characters back in comics and watch a relationship grow between them. As much as I disliked Scott and Jean as a couple during my teenage years, it's something I've been dying to see on the page again. There may be a bit of awkwardness between the two characters, but a relationship is really starting to bloom here, even after Jean got all "kissy-kissy" with Beast.

This Arthur Adams cover is tops. It has a really cool layout and perspective. It's nice to see some Art Adams cover work. The ray effect coming out of Cyclops' eyes is a really stunning visual element to this piece.

The Bad

Man, this tie-in really disrupts the flow of this book. This doesn't really feel like an issue of X-MEN. It feels like a large helping of Battle of the Atom with a small side of Brian Wood's X-Men. We get small scenes of Rachel Grey and Kitty Pryde sprinkled in here so it could be called an X-MEN book, but the heavy Scott and Jean focus really throws the book off.

The Verdict

X-MEN #5 is a great Chapter 3 for Battle of the Atom, but a not-so-great issue of X-Men. Jean and Scott are on the run, and their closeness is leading to a slowly growing relationship. While the issue was a lot of fun, it really doesn't feel like an X-Men book. This really interrupts the main X-MEN story. There's a lot of good here, including the art from David Lopez (with Cam Smith on inks and Laura Martin on colors). This all being said, a good issue is still a good issue. So overall, you should pick this one up. Battle of the Atom is turning out to be a pretty fun ride.