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X-23 #17 - Misadventures in Babysitting, Part 1


What's X-23 do when she's not out playing the hero? She's babysitting the Future Foundation kids, obviously.

The Good

This issue is so much fun! For those of you who happen to be fans of 80's films, you might notice that the cover of the latest issue of X-23 looks a lot like the movie poster for the 1987 film 'Adventures In Babysitting.' That's no coincidence. In fact, the title of the issue is 'Mis-Adventures in Babysitting.' I was hoping that the series' writer would take the book for a more light-hearted turn, particularly after the last issue, and I am so glad she did. In issue #17 of X-23, Sue Storm and Reed Richards decide to go out to a fundraiser one evening and they call on Laura to babysit Valeria and Franklin for a night. Little does she know, X-23 will definitely have her work cut out for her.

This issue opens with Laura's return to Westchester where she comes face to face with Hellion who we haven't seen since the beginning of the series. He is relatively hostile towards X-23 and his violent nature leads Gambit to put him in his place. The reintroduction of Julian's character gives me the sense that something will go down between these two characters very soon. Laura doesn't even flinch when faced with Julian's hostility; which signals to me that he might try to act out even more to get her attention.

Again, I love Marjorie's characterization of Gambit. He's like a papa-bear! It's adorable! He definitely gets defensive and protective of Laura in this issue and it's really sweet to see. Overall though, the best scenes in the issue are in the middle and towards the end of the book. I absolutely love the dialogue between Valeria, Franklin and Laura. Marjorie's comedic timing is perfect in this issue, and the silence between the characters is worth a thousand words. It's fantastically laid out.

The Bad

Absolutely nothing. This book is so much fun.

The Verdict

The previous issue featured Phil Noto's gorgeous art, but this one features the work of Sana Takeda -- and it's perfect. Takeda is absolutely the best artist to draw Valeria and Franklin. Sometimes I see pictures of the kids and I think to myself, "they look so much older than they should." Here, both kids are drawn to appear comparable to their respective ages -- and it's perfect. I just want to squish Valeria, she's so adorable! The issue is packed full of fun and plenty of action. The series takes a light hearted turn (perfect considering how heavy the previous story arc was) and it's a fantastic read. Perfect pacing, incredible art and awesome dialogue make this one of the best books of the week. It also makes me a bit more sad to see this title go come January. If you have never read an issue of X-23 before, you can probably pick up this one and follow along.