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X-23 #15 - Chaos Theory, Part 3


Lately, Laura's been running around a little confused about the strange visions she's been seeing; but now it all seems to be coming together.

The purpose of Laura's visions become clear in this issue of X-23!

The Good

If there's one thing Marjorie Liu is really good at doing it's hooking her readers into a story and keeping them coming back for more The series has been building up to this very moment: the moment where X-23 finally discovers why she's been seeing strange symbols in her dreams. What do the symbols have to do with the centralized earthquakes that she has been experiencing, if at all? It all begins to unravel here, in issue #15 of X-23.

Phil Noto's art is, once again, breathtaking. Not only is the way he captures expression and emotion brilliant, but his art helps move the story along effortlessly, panel by panel. He brings a certain depth to the characters and the story that not all artists can illustrate, and the result is just beautiful.

It''s interesting to see this underlying story that Marjorie has crafted since the third issue of the series finally come to the surface. Liu would allude to the events, Laura's dreams and her search throughout the series without giving too much away, and it's great to see the plot that she's been gradually building culminate into something that could be really big.

The interaction between Sue, X-23 and Spider-Man is fantastic. The issue will keep you at the edge of your seat and will leave you wanting more. I would also say this issue might have the cliffhanger of the week!

The Bad

Gorgeous issue. Well written, great pacing, beautiful art and perfect characterization of all the characters. Great book.

The Verdict

Definitely not new reader friendly! This is a story that has been building since the beginning of the series, so if you want to do the book justice, I suggest you start from, well, the start. You definitely won't be disappointed. Noto and Liu work very well together, and not only are they delivering a pretty book; but it's a solid, interesting story. Really great issue that will leave you wishing it didn't have to end.