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Worlds' Finest #5 - Three Midnights, Far From Home


Huntress and Power Girl head off in different directions in the latest issue of WORLDS' FINEST.

The Good

The highlight of this issue, at least for me, was the story in the latter portion of the issue featuring the Huntress. I really felt that it was a great little self-contained story where Huntress is reminiscing about the things she does when she gets out of the house. As a self-contained story, I thought it was great. However, was it relevant to the entire issue? Was it necessary? Not particularly. That is my gripe with this issue.

I think Levitz has a pretty good grasp of Power Girl's abilities and he demonstrates that well in the beginning of the issue. The girls have some entertaining banter that do liven up the mood a bit which was also nice to see.

The Bad

If you are okay with getting a "filler" issue of WORLDS' FINEST this month, then you may not mind issue #5. Aside from a scene towards the starts of the issue where Power Girl makes a pretty important discovery, not a whole lot happens in this comic. In fact, the story splits the two ladies up and each get to explain what they do when "they get out." I think this would be fine if we already hadn't seen this structure in the 4th issue of this series. It's perfectly fine to split up the two characters and delve into what each does respectively, but not for every issue. Things don't feel cohesive here; they are clearly friends but they aren't working together; and I think that's something that everyone sort of signed up for.

I admit, I am not crazy about the way these ladies are being written in this book. I don't really find myself drawn to this version of Power Girl. I'm not sure what her gripes are and what her motives are aside from just "getting back home." But if getting back home is their primary concern, why are they concerning themselves with training? Why are they playing hero? There has to be a motive aside from the fact that it's something "everyone wants to see."

The fact that PG is magically getting all her clothes burned away isn't making this reading experience any more entertaining (at least not for me). I think it's ridiculous that DC changed her costume, just so they could burn it off and have her strutting around in less clothes than before. Give her back her old costume. The reason for the hole in the chest was explained in Gray and Palmiotti's run -- it was clearly a portrayal of her self confidence. There's nothing wrong with Power Girl embracing the body she has. I would much rather see her in that costume than in her bra and panties. Just saying. It's becoming ridiculous.

The Verdict

Reading this series I find it funny that in nearly every issue, Power Girl has strategically burned through her suit in the center of her chest. This isn't a criticism, just an observation. I mean, what's the sense of giving her a new suit if you're just going to tear right through it anyway? Maybe DC should never have tried to "fix" PG's costume in the first place. Just a thought.

Like I mentioned above, this story just doesn't feel cohesive. What was the point of this story? Aside from PG's discovery in the beginning of the issue, this did feel like a fill-in (and not even a really great one). I understand that these ladies can't be transported onto their Earth immediately, but it would be great to see some stories about how they are both coping (or have coped) with the differences between the two dimensions. What about their interactions with other Supers? Why hasn't Huntress sought out this universes' version of Batman or Catwoman? I feel like there are a lot of great places this series (and this issue) can go that it simply isn't going, and that is disappointing. I was hoping issue #5 of WORLDS' FINEST would be great considering how much I enjoyed the #0 issue.