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Wonder Woman #614 - The Odyssey, Part 14: The Return


After 14 issues of journeying to find herself, Wonder Woman finally finds her voice and reverts to her former self in the final issue of her series before the DC revamp.

It only took 14 issues of finding herself, but Wonder Woman has finally done so in this final issue of Wonder Woman -- the culmination of her 600 plus issue ongoing series ends here, tying all loose ends nicely before her book is relaunched by DC this September. Beware spoilers below.

The Good

I missed Wonder Woman, a lot. The self assured, confident character of Wonder Woman I always could find in her self titled series has finally returned -- only to restart all over again. The story of The Odyssey and her battle with Nemesis is finally at an end. The issue has very good pacing, picking up in the heat of her battle with Nemesis, and making a turn for the worse. Little dies Diana know that she will do precisely as Nemesis wants, and Nemesis quickly takes her over. The switch doesn't last however, and Diana doesn't stay the "Wielder of the Flashing Blade" for very long.

The writers tie up all the loose ends very nicely, bringing the character we are familiar with back to the spotlight. Diana knows who she is, where she comes from, and what it means to be a hero once more.

The Bad

The final issue is well written, there is no doubt about that, but the scene where Diana actually becomes Nemesis is something I felt could have been drawn out. I think that would have been interesting to see. I would have liked to see Wonder Woman react to becoming possessed by the "Flashing Blade," but instead she doesn't not struggle at all. I know that the complaints of many readers might be that they might feel slightly cheated. Why did we read the last 16 issues of Wonder Woman trying to find herself when everything just reverts to normal in the end? Had the story been consistently better (from the beginning, I noticed a significant improvement in the title when Phil Hester came on board) I would look at it slightly differently.

The Verdict

Like I stated above, you do feel slightly cheated as a reader knowing that the series simply comes to an end all of a sudden, and everything goes back to normal, but it's written well. Additionally, the issue ties all the loose ends in the series and leaves the character ready for the September revamp.