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Wonder Woman #613 - The Odyssey, Part 13: Nemesis


The reason behind Wonder Woman's search for her identity is finally revealed

In issue #613 of Wonder Woman we finally learn why Diana has been wandering the world for thirteen issues not quite knowing who she was.

The Good

The reasons why Diana has been on this "journey of self discovery" is revealed to the reader pretty early on in this issue. The concept for and the reasons why Diana has been on this journey all of this time are very simple -- she became possessed by the Morrigan and in turn became a weapon for them to use against the Amazons. However, a piece of Wonder Woman is salvaged and protected, and this part of her does not understand or know where she has come from and who she is. For a conceot so simple, it's hard to believe it did not cross my mind before. This issue is about the ultimate battle and inner struggle of Wonder Woman who is fighting her inner demons and struggling to overcome the evil forces that have consumed her. It's interesting and the story takes us full circle. The art is very good, and the story is actually quite beautiful. I think the last few issues of Wonder Woman have been interesting, deep and thought provoking. This one especially. I particularly liked the fact that the issue is not taken lightly and is spread out through the entirety of the issue. By spreading the story out through the entirety of this book it gave the writers a chance to explore a conversation Diana would have with herself. This both physical and emotional battle that is simultaneously taking place here makes the journey worth it.

The Bad

Even though I am glad the battle took up ninety percent of the issue, I think that it may have taken too long to get here. This isn't a criticism of this particular issue, but a problem I have had with this story arc.

The Verdict

There are scenes in this book that are incredibly intense and will leave you at the edge of your seat. The story is incredibly interesting, and it's also not like any Wonder Woman story I have read before. The simultaneous internal and physical battle that takes place in this issue is almost poetic, and it's really beautifully executed. I was definitely impressed with this issue and I look forward to the next one, and to seeing the Wonder Woman we all know and love return to us at last.