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Wonder Woman #5 - Lourdes


Wonder Woman faces off against Poseidon in the latest issue of her self-titled series.

Some spoilers below.

The Good

Very early on in the fifth issue of Wonder Woman readers are made aware that the this idea of Diana being Zeus's daughter -- a demi-god -- isn't new. She isn't the only one out there and that it is likely others like her will seek her out, which is exactly what happens in this issue. Readers are introduced to Lennox within the first few pages of issue #5, and although he may appear to be Wonder Woman's age (based on his artistic portrayal and demeanor) he is in fact over eighty years old. Demi-gods clearly do not age. Or age very well, anyway. It seems that somehow (and it is not explained in this issue) Lennox knows more about Diana and the recent revelations pertaining to her father than she does. Lennox gives Diana some interesting information.

This issue is all about build up. The story is being told gradually, and I got the impression that Azzarello does not want to rush the events. The thing that really makes this book interesting is the fact that there is so much going on that we don't know about yet. For example, how did Lennox know to go to Diana? How did he know where to find her? What is the discussion that Diana must have with Poseidon and is she setting Hera up to fall at the hands of Zeus' brother? When you reach the last few pages you might notice a three-headed dog. Now, this is no ordinary three-headed dog; it's Cerberus. And wherever Cerberus goes, you know Hades can't be too far behind. But what's the connection here? Why is Lennox seeking Hades?

The best thing about this book is that the story is so mulch-dimensional; there's just so much happening and it will be interesting to see how it all ties together. I definitely get the impression that Azzarello is gearing readers up for some big surprises.

The Bad

I guess the first thing that came to my mind after reading this issue was "where did Eris go?" While the last four issues seemed very fluid, this one felt almost jarring. There's no transition from the events of the previous issues to the present one.

The Verdict

This issue is all about set-up for what is to come. Why introduce Hades? Where is Eris? Why does Diana want to meet with Poseidon? These are only some of the questions that readers will be left with following the end of WONDER WOMAN #5. Artist Tony Atkins takes over for Clff Chiang in this issue and I felt he did a fine job. Although his style is more animated and it's very different from Chiang's hard lines, the change is not so jarring. Very pretty issue. I definitely can't wait to see where Azzarello has in store for Wonder Woman.