Comic Vine Review


Wonder Woman #30 - Throne to the Wolves


Diana leads her people, even if some are against it.

The Good

First, there's going to be a few spoilers in this review because it's hard to talk about it without giving away a few things. The issue runs a bit slow, but for all the right reasons. Not every issue has to be action packed or filled with giant revelations.

Writer Brian Azzarello is nothing short of brilliant when it comes to crafting this series. It fits perfectly into its own pocket in the DCU and it reads like a fantastic series from Vertigo. It has a great tone and fantastic mythological feel to it. It's a book that grips the reader and won't let go because it's so engaging.

There's some big changes with Wonder Woman and the Amazons on Paradise Island within this issue. Hippolyta has become clay because of Hera and Wonder Woman, who has accepted her claim as the God of War, must now lead the Amazons. This issue is incredibly interesting as some Amazonians don't want Diana in power. There is a power struggle here and Azzarello's dialogue is fantastic at moving this story along.

On the art side of things, Goran Sudzuka's style, with Matthew Wilson on colors, fits the tone to this story incredibly well. As far as fill in artists go, which Sudzuka has done for a few issues on and off now. Sudzuka is the perfect fit. Wilson's colors work well here also. His shading and color choices are a perfect fit and he really makes these characters pop off the page.

The new version of the Minotaur still creeps me out.

The Bad

Jumping onto this book is easy. You just have to start reading at issue one. This series is really in its own little universe (which is the best part about it), so readers needs to have a mindset that nothing else happening to Diana in the DCU matters. Even missing an issue, while reading this book, can throw readers through a loop because a lot happens issue to issue. However, at the same time, this is a book that people should be reading, since it's so brilliant.

The Verdict

WONDER WOMAN continues to be one of the best, if not the best, on-going series at DC Comics. While this character has never been one I've gravitated towards, Azzarello and Cliff Chiang (with Goran Sudzuka and Matthew Wilson) have put together not only one of the most interesting takes on Wonder Woman, but one that will stand the test of time. There's a lot happening in this particular issue which really changes where Diana stands with the Amazons. Instead of spoiling the whole thing, though, you should just go out at pick it up. This issue is setting up something awesome, so jump on board.