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Wonder Woman #15 - The Burden of God


It's the 'New Gods' versus the 'Old Gods' when Wonder Woman meets Orion.

The Good

Orion and Wonder Woman collide, and readers are finally given a hint at the marriage between the "New Gods" and the "Old Gods" in this new DC Universe thanks to this latest issue of WONDER WOMAN #15 by Brian Azzarello. First, let's start with the issue's art by Cliff Chiang. This issue features one of the most brilliant covers this week, depicting Wonder Woman as she prepares to strike; all of which is seen in the reflection of Orion's helmet. It's a beautiful image that really plays up Chiang's skill at toying with perspectives. When we open to the first page, we see a collection of small panels, each one zooming in on a specific object. It is, once again, a great example of perspective and it's really beautifully executed by Cliff Chiang.

The story is equally as beautiful as its art. 'New Gods' fans might notice that Orion has had a costume re-design. His costume looks a lot more modern and the Motherbox appears to be considerably streamlined, which is great.

The issue itself is very well written. In this story readers learn gather rather quickly that Orion has information that pertains to the sons and daughter of Zeus -- in one of the last few pages it is revealed that he is on a search for the "last of the line," and the situation (on his end) seems rather dire. I loved the set-up that we see in this issue. We're given clues and Azzarello alludes to the "bigger picture," but it's unclear just exactly what the the purpose of Orion's visit to Earth, is. Having said that, if you ever wanted to see what would happen in a fight between Orion and Wonder Woman, stay tuned.

The Bad

It's hard to say anything bad about this issue as it is, in my opinion, one of the better issues of Wonder Woman.

The Verdict

I loved this issue. I loved the art, the way the panels were laid out, the way that Azzarello brought the story to a steady climax, and the interactions between all of the different characters. I love seeing that Hera and Zola aren't that different after-all, and it's great seeing their characters unfold in the issue. While action fans may be a bit disappointed with this issue, the build-up of the story is worth it and is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Although a lot has happened, and this has been one very long, continuous story, I do believe it's easy enough to follow and I highly recommend picking up this issue. I know that I for one absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next!