Comic Vine Review


Wonder Woman #14 - Just Deserts


Wonder Woman fights her sister, and the New Gods make their very first appearance.

The Good

Last we saw Wonder Woman she had come face to face with her half-sister, Siracca, who lured her into her den by manipulating her. Siracca is a very interesting character, and much like the illusion of a child that she tricked Wonder Woman with in issue #15, Siracca herself is still very much a child.

This issue, more than any other before it really makes things more clear. If you think back to the start of her series, Diana always had trouble fitting into the Amazon society. She never quite felt at home with her sisters and she felt betrayed by her Mother. I think, and I could be wrong, that Azzarello is trying to create a sort of familial bond between her (Wonder Woman) and the other abandoned, cursed orphans of Zeus.

What I have enjoyed about this series (and this issue in particular) is that the reader learns who Diana is not by being told, but based on her actions and reactions to the events that unfold. The way she deals with Siracca, for example, is in an extremely compassionate manner, and I think that's interesting to see. Using events and big moments to define Wonder Woman is perfect, and Azzarello does a great job.

I really liked the art team on this issue. There were some moments where Wonder Woman looked a bit awkward, but in general, I found the comic to be really pretty and inviting.

Finally, the end of this issue is absolutely mind-blowing. It's hard to say what will happen next, but whatever it is, it will certainly be interesting.

The Bad

There were some moments where the art was kind of awkward, but in general it was not so bad. I think that artist Tony Atkins had been mirroring Cligg Chiang's style in a lot of his work on this series, but in this one his own style sort of peeks through. I almost like that better.

The Verdict

This is a great issue. Not only is the story absolutely fantastic, but the art in this book isn't so bad. It's an issue that really works to build up multiple facets of the story; not only does it build up Wonder Woman's character and identity, but it also brings in the concept of the New Gods. It will definitely be interesting to see how they become integrated into the plot of the upcoming story.