Comic Vine Review


Wonder Woman #12 - Birth Right


Prepare yourself for more than one "did that really just happen?" moment in this awesome issue of WONDER WOMAN.

The Good

Where do I even begin? Even if you haven't been reading WONDER WOMAN since the beginning, and even if you aren't much of a fan of the character, you might want to consider going out and getting this issue -- especially if you're a big fan of what Jack Kirby did for DC Comics starting in the early 1970's. Okay, here's the thing you need to realize when you read this series: Azzarello is making zero apologies for changing Wonder Woman -- and he's changing her a lot. Now, even if you are a huge fan of Wonder Woman's origin story, to a certain extent, it does not do anything to integrate her into the DC Universe as a whole.

The whole idea of Gods and Goddesses and Hellenistic mythos is something that made Wonder Woman difficult to integrate into the DC Universe in general. Rather than doing away with all of that, Azzarello has roped in another major part of the DC Universe and connected the two concepts in a way that is kind of brilliant. When I read this issue I nearly smacked my own forehead and thought to myself, "of course, that just makes so much sense." Because it really does. What Azzarello has done here is combine two concepts that we have yet to see integrated into DC's New 52, without sacrificing Wonder Woman's Greek mythos.

Onto the issue itself. There are so many twists and turns in this issue that you will most definitely be left in awe of what happens. Characters do things and act in ways that are completely unexpected of them, and it's great. Diana is forced to question her alliances in this issue, and she does so in a way that is completely in her character. She won't stop until she gets her vengeance. Yes, this is still the hard-headed Diana that only sees in black and white and wants things done her way.

There's a great moment, mid-battle, where she's given the ability to fly and the way it is executed is just so cool. It's also interesting to see that her powers are a little bit different, too. Without giving much away, it does seem like Diana is stronger than she's ever been.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. This issue kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The Verdict

First off, Cliff Chiang does an incredible job on this issue. I absolutely adore his interiors and the way he portrays movement in his art. It's really well done. As if we couldn't get another mind-blowing moment, Azzarello delivers in this issue. More than any issue before it, you will be guaranteed edge of your seat excitement page after page. It's all executed so beautifully. While not the best jumping on point into WONDER WOMAN, I still think this is a comic every DC fan should read as it pertains to the future of the DC Universe.