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Wolverine & the X-Men #37 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 9


More fighting and a bunch of X-Men crammed into one issue. Battle of the Atom rages on and the end is near. Will it be the end of everything?

The Good

Let me start out by saying I've been a big fan of this story/event. I've always been intrigued by time travel in the X-Men comics and seeing the possible future versions has kept me on the edge of my seat.

As with previous issues, we get some tiny mentions to events that happened in the future X-Men's past. We get some cool moments with future and present day versions of characters (and past, of course).

Even though this is only a ten-part story, there have been times we've had more conversations over action. If you've been hungering for more action, this issue will give you quite a bit. We have X-Men fighting X-Men fighting X-Men. Serioiusly, there's a two page spread with more X-Men than you'd want to count.

The Bad

Are they good? Are they bad? It's almost like we're watching a tennis match with the going back and forth. We have one more chapter to go which should give us all the answers. There is a crazy ending to set up the final chapter. It is pretty heavy but maybe I'm just unfazed by it.

The other problem for me was the art. I usually dig Giuseppe Camuncoli's art but it didn't quite work here. Some moments felt a little rushed. Granted, there is a lot of characters involved and he should be commended but some of the characters and their expressions looked a little odd.

The Verdict

We are close to the end. Those hungering for more action will indeed get it in this issue. The stakes have been raised. We get a big cliffhanger and there's no telling what will happen in the final chapter next week. The entire arc has been a bit of a roller coaster ride and it almost feels like a lot is being crammed into this second to last issue. The art feels a little rushed at times but then again, there is a lot of action and characters crammed in. We may know (from future solicits) the fate of most of the characters but there's still the chance of some casualties in the final chapter. There's no questioning if you've been following along this arc, you'll want to read this issue. We are ready and waiting for the story to end to see what's next.