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Wolverine & the X-Men #24 - Ain't No Sin To Be Glad You're Alive


The one where everybody gets together. Sort of.

The Good

One of the things I particularly enjoyed about this issue was the fact that the writer dealt with a lot of loose ends. We see these characters deal with their issues and close certain chapters in their respective lives. Aaron recognizes that the marriage between two characters wasn't really dealt with during AVENGERS VS. X-MEN and he deals with it here at the very start of this issue.

I was glad to see the relationship between Kitty and Bobby explored a little bit; it's a romance that we've watched gradually blossom throughout this series but it wasn't until this issue that I think we really got to see the two of these characters together. They questioned whether or not they had very much in common or whether they only got together because they are both X-Men and share a common interest and similar lifestyles. I thought it was great to see them discuss things that don't have anything to do with their present problems and instead focus on who they are as individuals.

As far as being accessible, this issue is certainly that in the way that it is able to be organized and very easy to understand. I think it's perfect if you want to start reading this series but have never before picked up an issue.

The Bad

I understand that Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, but I still don't think an entire issue of just romance is entirely necessary. One of the good things about watching comic book characters fall in love and get together is if they do it over a series of issues. I think most people want to see it as an organic process and not something that comes out of nowhere. If it is something that happens completely at random and it almost feels a little bit like fan service, that was one of the problems with the latest issue of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN. The cover to this issue was meant to be shocking, and the way these two characters end up getting together feels a bit strange and relatively jarring. I think that if the writer wanted to make sure this scene did not just come out of nowhere he could have referenced moments shared between Storm and Wolverine from previous issues, that way the reader can see that the two characters have a long history together.

Another think I didn't like very much about this issue was the art. I think that although the artist did a good job depicting expressions of different characters in this issue, I personally did not find the art to be aesthetically pleasing. A lot of the characters looked the same and rather bloated and awkward.

The Verdict

There is a lot about this comic that I like and plenty that I did not like so much. I thought it was great to see the relationships between certain characters explored and explained in greater depth and detail, but at the same time there were other relationships that developed seemingly out of nowhere (Wolverine and Storm). I think that some reference to past appearances would have made this union more believable and interesting, but it just struck me as awkward. Having said that, this issue is accessible. It's not the best, but it isn't bad, either. It also deals with some interesting concepts and leaves readers curious and wanting more. The ending is a real doozy, too.