Comic Vine Review


Wolverine & the X-Men #2


The young Hellfire Club attacks Wolverine's school, but how much damage did they really do? And Bobby Drake steps up to the plate!

The Good

The story opens with a previous conversation between Wolverine and Iceman; and for Logan it's a little bit heartfelt. It's a sweet scene where Logan reassures Bobby that he has an overwhelming amount of potential, but that he just needs to tap into it. He essentially says he really wants to see Bobby step up to the plate and be "responsible." it's really a great scene and it reveals this idea that through this series, writer Jason Aaron wants to really explore Bobby's character and really develop him by bringing him to the forefront and that's great. Who wouldn't want to see more Iceman? That scene quickly closes and we see Iceman and Logan facing against what we can presume is their first really big challenge since opening the school. Just as the series launches and Wolverine opens the school, on the day that representatives from the New York State Department show up to evaluate the school, the young Hellfire Club decides to sabotage everything with a massive attack. Admittedly, I wasn't a fan of a young Hellfire Club, but I find myself gradually warming up to these little tricksters. Chris Bachalo's unique style and Tim Townsend and Jaime Mendoza's heavy inks and complicated panels make reading this issue a bit of a challenge, so take your time. Read it slowly and enjoy it.

The Bad

This is an issue chock full of fun, although I still have my gripes with the young Hellfire Club. I find them generally obnoxious, but found them to be less so in this issue. Still, great story, beautiful art and a whole lot of fun.

The Verdict

This is definitely a fun issue, and is turning out to be a really fun series. Even though this is Wolverine's team and Wolverine's new school; Jason Aaron still draws the focus to Bobby Drake who seriously steps up to the plate in this issue. All the young X-Men get face time in this book, and I particularly enjoyed the scenes featuring Broo, the alien student. He's just adorable. Fantastic work by Bachalo who's style compliments this issue incredibly well and maintains this upbeat theme throughout the issue. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming adventures of this team.