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Weirdworld #4 - Queen of the Man-Things


Arkon has found his way back to Polemachus... or has he?

Arkon finds himself at Polemachus but everything is upside-down. Weirdworld is getting weirder and now Skull the Slayer has been sent to kill him. However, someone else, controlling a whole slew of Man-Things, has other plans.

Let's just get right into how amazing Mike Del Mundo's artwork is in this issue. I sit, staring, at this two page spread featuring Jennifer Kale surrounded by Man-Things as Skull and Arkon look onward. This spread is the best thing I've seen come out of comics in the past couple years. It is unimaginatively beautiful and an amazing establishing shot for the upcoming scene.

Del Mundo's work on this issue is surreal and completely fitting for Weirdworld. This feels like the series that Del Mundo was born to draw, which makes the upcoming on-going series, which will be written by Sam Humphries, something to really look forward to. The final pages of this issue, however, are stunning as well. Del Mundo puts a lot of emotion into Arkon's face, creating this really emotional end to the issue and to what Arkon thinks is his journey.

As for the story, Jason Aaron delivers a heroic journey filled with endless amounts of fantasy and action that will please any reader. The pacing of the book is incredibly fluid and it has a nice flow to the storytelling. Considering this is, at its core, a Conan story at Marvel, there's going to be some brutality to it all. There's a pretty fantastic fight scene between Skull and Arkon, and as mentioned, it's incredibly brutal to see play out.

What really works about this issue is the ending. Arkon has been searching for Polemachus since the beginning of this mini-series and he's never given up. Without spoiling too much about the issue, it's a pretty depressing ending and a moment where the reader wishes they could interact with the character inside the book. Aaron and Del Mundo have crafted something really enjoyable and a book that hearkens back to classic adventure/fantasy tales.