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Weirdworld #1 - Where Lost Things Go


Things aren't what you expect in Weirdworld.

The Good

If you're looking for something a bit different, then WEIRDWORLD is the book for you. If you're a fan of fantasy and Conan books, then again, this is the book for you. Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo, with Marco D'Alfonso helping on out colors, present Arkon, a under-utilized character, who is on a mission to find Polemachus.

Arkon has appeared in issues of AVENGERS and FANTASTIC FOUR here and there but for the most part, there's a lot of a blank canvas for this creative team to work with. He has a backstory and a skeleton, but what Aaron does incredibly well is keep this book new reader friendly. Sure, you may not know exactly who this character is, but you're on a journey with him and that's the real focus of the book.

The journey is the appeal as Arkon searches Weirdworld. It really grabs the reader in because they'll be learning a lot about the world and its inhabitants as the story progresses. It never feels like an info-dump though. Everything plays out very naturally here. Is the book weird? About as weird as any other fantasy book you've ever come across. It's not too "out there" though. There are a lot of unfamiliar concepts and beings, but Jason Aaron keeps all of this pretty low-hey and delivers a few well-done action sequences to keep the overall issue fun.

On top of all that, Mike Del Mundo, along with Marco D'Alfonso on color assists do one heck of a job on this issue. Del Mundo's art rally highlights and emphasizes the feeling of fantasy here too. Del Mundo does some amazing art here and his establishing shots look beautiful. His landscapes aren't super-detailed, but the colorwork there really fleshes out the full picture. The entire issue is utterly brilliant as far as the art goes though, and it lives up the hype that is Del Mundo. This is easily some of the best and coolest looking art that SECRET WARS has to offer.

The Bad

This book is out there and if you're not a fan of fantasy or Conan-esque books, this may not be up your alley.

The Verdict

For a book that seemed a little out there compared to everything else in SECRET WARS, WEIRDWORLD ends up being one of the more entertaining pieces that the event has to offer. It stands far apart from everything else and gives readers a fun and exciting adventure that is reminiscent of Conan and many other fantasy properties. Del Mundo does some stellar work on the art in this issue, and by far, it's some of the best art we've seen come out of the event. This wasn't a book I could say I was looking forward to, prior to this review, but this easily became something I cannot wait to continue reading. I highly recommend picking this issue up.