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Voodoo #4 - Breaking & Entering


The latest issue showcases Priscilla's abilities as a spy and reveals that her powers go beyond the ability to shape-shift.

The Good

Ron Marz's final issue of VOODOO reveals more about her personality, mission and thought process; and while it's not as good as the first two issues, it does give us a closer look at Priscilla's methods and the meaning behind her actions. Marz delves into Priscilla's character in this issue, displaying her as more than just a shape shifting alien, but also as an undercover spy. I am really loving the way Marz is giving Priscilla versatility as a character, making her out to be a lot more interesting than just a pretty face.

In the previous issue we saw Voodoo realize that perhaps not all humans are bad, when she came face to face with Kyle Rayner. While that concept doesn't resurface in this issue, the reader is introduced to a new character and possible adversary to Voodoo. While she is still being portrayed as an anti-hero in this series, I have the sneaking suspicion that will change. She is, after all, half human and did manage to show a glimmer of compassion in issue #3. The question remains, however, who is the mysterious character at the end of the fourth issue, and why is he trailing Voodoo? What could he be looking for?

The issue leaves the reader with a lot of unanswered questions. We know that Voodoo is on a mission to uncover secret information not only about government officials, but also about earth's heroes and their abilities. In order for her people to take residence on earth (something we saw in issue #3), they will need to be able to combat earth's heroes.

More of Voodoo's powers come to light in this issue including her ability to excrete toxins with the power to incapacitate as well as to protrude what appear to be spikes from her skin. It will be interesting to see what other powers she has and how she uses them.

The Bad

There isn't a whole lot of plot development in this issue, and that may be because Ron Marz was taken off the title and will be replaced by writer Joshua Williamson starting with issue #5. Even so, it was a great showcase of Voodoo's abilities as a spy, regardless of what the future holds for her.

The Verdict

This is another great issue of Voodoo that will leave you with more questions than answers. While this particular issue didn't develop the story as much as I would have liked, it does give us a new look at the character by showcasing her stealth and spy abilities. The issue, appropriately titled "breaking and entering" was good, but it did leave something to be desired in the realm of story development. It will be interesting to see what new direction they take the character, although I hope not a whole lot will change since it's been a pretty entertaining series up to this point. I am looking forward to the moment where Agent Fallon and Priscilla Kitaen come face to face once again. Also, Sami Basri's art continues to mesmerize. The clean lines, fluidity and his incredible ability to capture expression and emotion in his panels are brilliant.