Comic Vine Review


Voodoo #6 - Smash and Grab


Voodoo's secret past begins to unfold and she may not be who she thought she was.

The Good

The story has definitely taken a turn and will leave you with more questions than answers. Who is Priscilla Kitaen and who is Voodoo? Are they two separate individuals? Why did the Daemonites create a clone from Priscilla, and how did they manage to do it? There are definitely a lot of very interesting developments in this issue.

Voodoo's reaction to the most recent developments are accurate for any clone, so the fact that she is goes a little bit haywire makes a whole lot of sense. It's very cool to see a story with so many layers. Williamson is crafting a tale that has various layers; this is not simply black and white, good vs. evil; you get a wider range who is good and who is bad in this story.

Even though Voodoo is on a killing spree, you still manage to feel kind of bad for her; and I really appreciated that. Whatever is happening is really out of her control, so the way she is reacting to the situation seems to fit within her character. Was she created as a clone and a weapon? Who is she really? Why was she made? These are all factors that she is dealing with and it's definitely interesting to see them all play out. Although this is a very different story than what we started with, it's still really entertaining and I look forward to seeing what is next for Voodoo.

The Bad

Maybe I have this weird soft spot for clones, or something (I do, after all, love X-23) but I really hope that the Voodoo/Priscilla Kitaen we met at the beginning of the series doesn't wind up just tossed to the side and replaced by the original. Sure she seems like a loose cannon (as if her recent killing spree wasn't indicative of that already) but still, her reaction to certain events so far have been rather interesting even if they are very different from the original Wildstorm character from the 90's.

I really didn't love that Agent Fallon went all "superhero." I think what I liked about her was her no-nonsense, tough as nails detective skills and I would rather see more of that than to see her all Iron-Man'd out. There is so much of that already, it would have been cooler if she went in without all the super powers.

The Verdict

You can definitely see how this book digressed from the original story being told, and it is quite different. There's some solid writing in this book and it's definitely still interesting, but it's very different. I am definitely interested in seeing whether Priscilla was a human or an alien, or if she has been operated on by the Daemonites. Williamson does a great job merging the outer space stuff with the earth based material, so it continues to feel grounded in reality. Once again, incredible pencils by Sami Basri -- really gorgeous.