Comic Vine Review


Vision #7 - I Too Shall Be Saved By Love


Vision's past with Scarlet Witch is explored along with revealing details on his current decisions.

Month after month, Tom King's Vision blows me away. He's taken a pretty straight forward character and added layer upon layer on the robotic Avenger. This issue, like the previous, contains a gamut of emotions. Vision is sometimes portrayed as a cold and unfeeling character, yet this issue is oozing with emotion.

While Vision has recently set up a family of synthoids for himself in the suburbs, this issue takes a look back at his first real relationship with Scarlet Witch. There's no denying the idea of the two of them together has always been a little odd. With Michael Walsh on art and Jordie Bellaire on colors, we have some amazing visuals and we're seeing things in their lives we never really thought we'd see. We may have seen them holding hands or kissing, but things get more intimate here. With the story covering their time together from start to finish, it's a strange roller coaster ride as we witness the highs and lows of their courtship. You can't help but feel some of the emotions or heartbreak when things really go sour.

It might be tempting to call this a fill-in issue with Walsh handling the art and the focus shifting back on Vision and Wanda. It's so much more than that. Seeing this close look at Vision's life is detrimental in understanding where he's at today. There's also a big answer revealed about an aspect we've been wondering about. Throughout it all, Walsh and Bellaire truly nail all the emotions contained within the story.

Reading Vision has quite an effect on you. Tom King's take on the character is both joyous and heartbreaking at the same time. King is delivering and creating multiple layers on the book and character which are fantastic and surprising. You almost have to stop and catch your breath after reading, as if you just got done running a marathon. Michael Walsh's art along with Jordie Bellaire's colors are absolutely brilliant. They capture every beat of the story in a glorious fashion. This is easily my favorite book of the week. I need more.