Comic Vine Review


Venom #14


The "Circle of Four" story ends with issue #14 of VENOM.

The Good

This story was a lot of fun, and sometimes you need that in comics -- to be reminded that they can be totally outrageous and a really good time. If one thing is certain, this series did that and more. The final issue the "Circle of Four" story arc ends with issue #14 of Venom. Remender ties any loose ends very nicely and his pacing in this issue is stellar. Everything seems to fall into place. When you first open this issue it will seem like everything is a mess, but things get resolved very quickly and Venom even comes to terms with Captain America by the end of the book.

Tony Moore takes over the issue's pencils and it's fantastic. Moore does a fantastic job capturing the insanity and horror of hell but in a comedic way. His style fits the tone of the story perfectly. Emotions seem to ooze off of the pages in this issue, and it's all due to Moore's handiwork. There are definitely some very awesome panels in this issue.

The team continues to work together effortlessly, yet the reader is let with the impression that this is not the end of their adventures together. It's great to see the loose ends tied, but it's also nice to see that this may not necessarily be the end. At least for now. This issue ends on a high note and Remender manages to bring the main character, Venom, back to the center of the story by the final page as well as address his move to the SECRET AVENGERS. Action packed, the "Circle of Four" has been a consistent great time.

The bad

Nothing bad here. This has been an overall fun comic book ending on a high note.

The Verdict

This is no masterpiece by any means, but it is a mini-series that managed to take an unlikely cast of characters, put them in a sticky situation and force them to work together. It worked. Each character got panel time and proved to be an asset to the team in this quirky mini-series. This is by no means a jaw dropping, edge of your seat story; but it is a solid comic book.The art is a lot of fun and compliments the tone of the book, and the loose ends are tied by the time you get to the final page. Definitely a fun little mini-series featuring an unlikely cast of characters. I wouldn't mind seeing them work together again.