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The Uncanny X-Men #538 - Breaking Point, Part 4


We know Uncanny X-Men is coming to an end but this conclusion to Breaking Point makes it feel like this was the end.

The Good

If you've been wanting any loose ends from Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men/Breakworld storyline, they pretty much are all tied up here. If you didn't read last issue, here's a little spoiler, Kitty Pryde gets killed. For real. But you'll still see her in this issue. I have to admit, in the opening pages, I almost felt like I missed something between this issue and the last one.

The overall battle passes pretty quickly. Last issue I was surprised at how easily Kruun was able to disable the X-Men. This issue I was hoping we'd get to see more of a fight. Wolverine does provide an...interesting battle.

A lot does happen here. We do get the conclusion to this battle. We find out the final fates of Kitty and Colossus, as well as the remaining refugees of Breakworld. There are some nice cameos that remind us how big the X-Men's world is and it's a nice touch to see them included.

The Bad

Everything that happens does happen quickly. While I was hoping for a bigger battle, it just doesn't happen. We're talking about someone that essentially disabled the entire X-Men. Where are the repercussions to invading the X-Men in their home?

Loose ends are tied up and some seem to happen too easily. In particular, the fate of the people of Breakworld made me cringe a little. I would be content if this is the last we see of them.

The Verdict

If you're looking for any loose ends to Whedon's Breakworld story, you will get them here. There were some shockers last issue but everything that happens here, happens very quickly. We know that Uncanny X-Men is coming to an end soon and this issue made me feel like it was meant to be that final issue. Lots of need and tidy endings. We do get to see other X-Men called in. It makes perfect sense that if their home is invaded, anyone with an X-symbol on their costume in the area should come running. The fate of another character was resolved. While I am pleased with the results, I felt a little confused at first but it's something I can happily live with.