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Uncanny X-Men #13 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 8


It's time for another Battle between the X-Men, the X-Men and the X-Men. There will be some casualties here.

The Good

Brian Michael Bendis continues the story between the X-Men from three different time periods. Actually it's not just three different X-Men teams we're dealing with here. With two from the present and two from the future, we actually have five different teams, and then some. It's like an X-Men party only with a lot more violence and stabbing.

In the previous chapter, the first X-Men team from the future revealed their true colors. This lead to bloodshed and fighting. They are still determined to return the original X-Men to their timeline and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. We still have some mystery present as we see this team face off against the other team from the future. You almost need a scorecard to follow what's going on.

It's during these encounters Brian Michael Bendis continues to tease us with little lines and slight revelations about different incidents that have happened in our team's future. It's possible he may have actually given some thought to these different moments and I would absolutely love to know more but the chances are they are here merely to tease us with the unknown nature of the future.

Chris Bachalo's art continues to shine. There is something about the way he draws certain characters and I can't get enough. Marte Gracia's colors are superb and each panel looks so incredibly vibrant.

The Bad

We're in Part 8 of 10. There have been moments where things have felt they've dragged on. This issue, while full of action and excitement, still feels like fancy filler for the inevitable conclusion. That could be said for lots of things but it feels like we're getting flashy scenes and moments with teases towards different things while the entire story could have been condensed a little. While we're getting these different encounters, there's still some facts that are not being given.

It's also unfortunate that solicits for future issues have informed us a little of how things will or will not end.

The Verdict

We are fast approaching the conclusion of this event. Brian Michael Bendis continues the big action with the help of Chris Bachalo and Marte Gracia. We are getting more on the revelations from the X-Men from the future. There are still some facts to be discovered and the action picks up with some brutal encounters. It's possible this arc didn't need to be told in ten chapters. Some parts feel like they're dragging on while other areas are being completely turned around. It's a really fun issue but we're ready for the end. Bendis is setting things up nicely. With the different twists we've seen so far, we'll be waiting to see if he can throw even more at us.