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Uncanny X-Men #12 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 4


Battle of the Atom continues. Young Jean and Scott have sought out help from an unlikely source. We'll find out if this was a good idea or not.

The Good

There may be some that frown upon comic book events and crossovers but when story immediately grabs your attention, you look forward to every chapter. Brian Michael Bendis has set up a fun and quirky situation in the X-Men universe. Time travel is not a new concept but the idea of the original X-Men being pulled from the past into the present is being done in a way we haven't seen in Marvel Comics. The threat and danger of these characters affecting the time stream and their very existence is just one of the factors that has kept me captivated with each issue. The arrival of the X-Men from the future insisting the young X-Men return to their time period adds a new kink to the whole idea.

What we've seen in recent issues is young Jean Grey decided she wants to be able to make her own destiny. Returning to her proper era simply means she will die at an early age. Running off with young Cyclops, they are now forced to seek help from another group.

In terms of the overall story, this isn't an action-packed chapter. With so many fascinating characters, it doesn't have to be. Bendis always adds subtle bits of humanity to his characters. The occasional dose of humor or humorous situations builds the attachment readers have with the characters. In other words, even an issue where the plot is moved forward and we see some character conversations, you're still hooked to the story. Seeing the new interactions between young Jean and Scott and the other group makes the story even more fun and interesting.

Chris Bachalo's art is always a joy to see. The way he draws the characters makes them feel more jovial despite the dire situation. Marte Gracia's colors adds another layer to it all and some of the scenes become pretty impressive.

The Bad

At first I felt this was just a "really good" issue. Looking over it again, I'm just really hooked to the story. The interactions and confrontations between the characters along with the great art and colors made me just really enjoy this comic. I look forward to each installment to see what will possible happen next. I can't really find any faults here aside from not exactly having the full roster of this event present. But that's okay.

The Verdict

After reading X-Men comics for so many years, I thought I'd almost seen it all. Brian Michael Bendis' story with the young X-Men from the past has amped up my interest and excitement once again. With the further complications in this event, I've become more intrigued with where the story will go. Even in an issue that's lighter on the action, having Chris Bachalo's art with Marte Gracia's colors brings a big smile to my face. This is the sort of story I want to see in an X-Men event - big, crazy and fun action and that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the next chapter.

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Posted By batmannflash

Great! I loved this issue and I really like Battle of the Atom so far. It's honestly my favorite event at the moment

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Posted By TheFirstLantern

I loved that last scene.

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Posted By Overlander

I love how Bendis develops the characters in interesting ways in talking issues (like this one). Bachalo's double-page spreads were absolutely magnificent in this issue as well.

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Posted By iceman228433

Dammit my comic shop sold out of this one by the time I got there not sure what to do now.

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Posted By jrjoanes

Okay so this is a good event but I don't understand how Jean Grey and Scott can really believe staying in that time will be okay. Even more how Kitty and Rachel can agree with them. It doesn't make sense at all to me.

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Edited By cameron83

@jrjoanes said:

Okay so this is a good event but I don't understand how Jean Grey and Scott can really believe staying in that time will be okay. Even more how Kitty and Rachel can agree with them. It doesn't make sense at all to me.

Think about it. If Jean goes back,she is going to die. She won't really have much of an opportunity to live her life. And now people (people that wouldn't want the same done to them) are deciding their fates for them.

When they go back,Xavier will most likely erase the experience from their minds.

And Rachel and Kitty see how inhumane it is that they are hunting them down like criminals and when they react defensively,they attack. They're just kids.

Basically,their fates are being decided for them by other people. And those same people can see why they wouldn't want someone else deciding their fate (especially for Jean) for them.

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Posted By cameron83

This event is glorious so

Did....I just say that?

Leaves to eat half of a crow.

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Posted By nerdSmokeja

"I used to think i was in a comic book" lol

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Edited By xkoenig

Is it just me or is this a sneaky way to try to bring back Jean Grey for real? Like somehow when young Jean goes back to the past she'll remember something and will change what she does later on in life, so instead of dying she stays alive now? Just a thought.

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord

This is a really nice issue.

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Posted By Baberaham_Lincoln

Does anyone know if Marte Garcia is going to be on colours from now on? or is this just a battle of the atom gig? I really like Bachalo's art now with those colours

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Posted By feedonatreefrog

I thought this issue was idiotic.

Or rather, I think the whole "Let them do what they want" thing is totally ridiculous, and I don't believe anyone would be that stupid to say that.

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Posted By Jacobin_Wisdom

I was annoyed with how Magneto helmet is being worn then not being worn in-between panels. This occurs on the two pages where Magik goes/disappears to limbo. Other than that little gripe, it's a good issue of this Battle of the Atom arc.

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Posted By dcguy

Ah Come on, it's fourth issue and still not developed story . Everybody just act like an idiot and starts fighting each other instead of explain reasons like why original x-men should return their time (Classic Bendis stuff). This issue is okey , mostly because of it's not a serious event anymore it has good jokes break fourth wall. But seriously why that idiot future Jean Grey attacks her youngerself and when Emma's powers returned ? And it's not a suprize next issue Magic will bring more people from future .

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Posted By comicbookfan93

That ending wow it's got me so excited for the next issue

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Posted By Crimsonlord53

Bah jean vs emma boring. Could we maybe have something more between these woman then them fighting. Maybe future jean helping to fix emma's powers.

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Posted By TheBlackHood

I am really enjoying this story so far and even more now that my favorite X-team has weighed in. Has anyone else gained a real distaste for Beast over the last couple of years? He has managed to become both self righteous and foolhardy at the same time. Beast judges everyone else's mistakes under a microscope but then pulls stuff like bringing the teen X-men to the future just to rub it in Cyclops' face. Then when it becomes the slightest bit inconvenient for him he wants to send them back and leave Jean to die; while still judging everyone else who doesn't agree with him. I never thought I would say this, but I now consider Beast a bigger douche than Wolverine.

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Posted By copete

Bendis is doing such a great job! I think Wood can't match with this quality, and the issue before this one showed that. Bendis should be writing the whole thing on his own.

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Posted By Mezmero

Dang it I can't believe how incredible this story arc is turning out to be! Now I feel pretty rotten for not giving this my vote in the Current Best Event poll. The brisk pace of the overall event has drawn me in like crazy even though I haven't been following any X-titles. I always end up really liking most of the X-Men events so I'm not sure why I'm so surprised how good it is. I literally don't know who to root for in this case. They're all so freaking cool!

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Edited By The_Absolute

@jrjoanes: I completely agree with you. And I hate the fact that the writers aren't showing a more genuine debate other than "oh, you're just being emotional right now."

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Edited By senhordelicio

I hate two-page panels! >.<

Besides that, I'm enjoying the story arc. One thing bothers me, though, not only on the x-titles but the entire universe: when you travel in time, the logical effect would be the creation of a "fork" on reality. The way it is done in these comics seems so unnatural! :/

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Posted By brucecapell

Cyclops needs be more of a leader. Emma and Magneto seems to always over throw his decisions.

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Edited By daddylo21

This has been a very good event so far and Bendis and Wood have done a good job with the story up to this point and I hope that a Bendis twist doesn't come in and just throw out everything that's happened in the first half of this event. My major complaint right now is the inconsistencies in the art. Lopez's art in X-Men, I thought, was fantastic but then the art in Uncanny X-Men by Bachalo was all over the place, but mostly terrible, especially with the female characters.

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Edited By kai200995

Wow. I know I repeat myself but the characters seem so alive. The motives for each character is understandable, and the battles and verbal confrontations aren't just random, I like that. Kitty, Emma, and her Cuckoos had the best lines, and the ending "The Message Boards Would Love This.".......(I'm guessing Emma is using her mind as a conduit to channel the cuckoos psychic powers, Jean won like two times already, Bendis make it good!)

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Posted By FastestBlender

A 5.8 on iGN

"A redundant and repetitive chapter causes Battle of the Atom to lose its momentum"

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Edited By Gritterr

A 5.8 on iGN

"A redundant and repetitive chapter causes Battle of the Atom to lose its momentum"

I actually agreed with IGN's review this time. I have really enjoyed Bendis run on All New and Uncanny but these last 2 chapters have killed my excitement for this event. That said this is still better than Age of Ultron.

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Posted By Owie

I have liked this event so far. This was a decent issue in general, but that last page...fantastic. I can't wait to see what happens there.

On a side note, this issue was sold out at both my normal store and my backup store, so I wasn't sure what to do to find it. Then I remembered digital comics. Normally I don't read digital stuff unless I get it for free, but I went ahead and made my first intentional purchase. I still wish I had a hardcopy, but it's a great option to have these days. Back in the day I would have had to hunt around forever for the darn thing.

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Posted By mickeymayhew

A 5.8 on iGN

"A redundant and repetitive chapter causes Battle of the Atom to lose its momentum"

totally agree - 18 pages of a huge cast just talking at each other, saved only by that marvellous last page

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Posted By MonkeyToe
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Posted By jonesy10

@theblackhood: I agree that Beast is an idiot for doing what he has done. And considering what Jean saw in young Beast's mind, we can assume that Hank McCoy had even more personal motives for bringing Jean into the present

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Posted By jonesy10

For Bendis, talking is action and his characters almost always have something smart-alec to say. In the end, his stories are more entertaining when there hasn't been any "action". The only problem I have is his portrayal of Maria Hill. SHIELD has been nothing but incompetent comic relief throughout the X-Books. I seem to remember her as being more effective in the pages of Avengers