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Uncanny X-Force #26 - Everything Right is Wrong Again


Members of the X-Force are ambushed -- have they finally met their match?

The Good

During the Dark Angel Saga story arc readers grew familiar with exactly who the bad guy in the story was. Not only was it clear to the reader that Warren was the villain, but the reader grew familiar with Warren's decline into Apocalypse -- they watched that evolution happen. In the last two issues of X-Force we've seen the Omega Clan take charge, attacking members of the X-Force team. But who is behind this mess, and why have they hired out so many mercenaries to do their best to destroy X-Force?

The cool thing about this issue is the fact that we're not only seeing the physical brute force attacks against these characters, we're also seeing some serious psychological attacks -- particularly in the case of Psylocke. What she has to deal with in this issue is pretty serious, especially if you've been following the series all along.

Remender tricks us into thinking Psylocke is regretting some of the things she said in the last issue, and I admit he totally got me. Wishful thinking, I suppose. Still, it was great to see her really think about her actions towards the end of the issue and re-evaluate what is right and wrong; and it's definitely taking a toll on her. The characterization of Betsy in this issue is perfect. She's been through hell, and she's been forced to do things she never thought she would do; and now she's dealing with it all. I really love this team. I love their ups and downs, and I love the way each character is written and given their own time to shine in the spotlight -- its fantastic.

Phil Noto shines in this issue, capturing every scene, expression and pose absolutely beautifully. He makes pretty things pretty, and creepy things very, very creepy.

The Bad

Nothing bad to say here. Loved this issue.

The Verdict

If you like doing double takes when you read your comics, you won't be disappointed with this issue as it is full of surprises. It's an edge of your seat, awesome comic that really delves into both the physical and psychological battles these heroes have to face. It's fantastic. The fact that Phil Noto is on this issue only makes the reading experience feel that much sweeter.