Comic Vine Review


Uncanny X-Force #25 - Purity / Appetite for Destruction


The X-FORCE line-up may be changing soon as some of the team's members quit.

The Good

A good comic keeps you at the edge of your seat; it stirs your emotions even if you don't like what is actually happening to the characters. I can readily admit when I don't like what I see happen to a certain character -- and sometimes that can make it hard to enjoy the story, but it's difficult to deny the fact that this book is well written. The pacing in this issue is great. The story moves from a rather emotional, sentimental moment to an action packed scene that pits the X-Force team against The Omega Clan.

The Omega Clan are a group of warriors that have been built from the ground up to believe that their mortal enemies are the X-Force teammates -- this makes them a group of adversaries to be reckoned with. Their first appearance in this issue against X-Force will truly leave you believing just that -- these warriors are hostile and merciless, and they want X-Force dead. The final moment in this issue is pretty crazy too, and will definitely leave you wanting to know what will happen next.

The moments with Betsy were moments I certainly was not expecting; if you read the issue you know exactly what I mean. It definitely struck me as heartless considering all of the times throughout this series that Fantomex has sacrificed himself to make her happy; but perhaps this is her guilt and inability to come to terms with the fact that she may actually harbor some feelings for him.

The Mike McKone art is stellar, and really compliments the story; and Dean White's colors really reflect the tone of the issue. It's a little bit grim in some parts. The first page will definitely leave you wondering whether some people really don't ever change.

The Bad

I have a hard time believing some of the characterizations of a certain character in this issue, and I did my best not to let this influence the way I felt about the book. Just because I don't like a scene, doesn't make it bad; it just makes it more difficult for me to enjoy. Don't get me wrong; I hated a lot of what happened in this issue; but I can't deny that it wasn't a great comic book.

The Verdict

A great issue by Remender; yet utterly heartbreaking. Seeing my favorite Marvel team come closer and closer to falling apart at the seams is gut wrenching for someone who has been following the book from the very beginning. Great art, great story and cliffhangers from beginning to end that will leave you guessing and wanting more. I can't deny that this was a great comic, even if I was really mad at Rick Remender when I got through reading it.

To commemorate the 25th issue there are two back up stories by Remender and Jerome Opena that were fun to read, but neither is as interesting as the X-Force story.