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Uncanny X-Force #20 - Otherworld, Chapter One


Betsy is summoned by her "true family" and returned to Otherworld to save it from destruction, but first she must put one of her teammates on trial.

The Good

Psylocke wakes up and quickly discovers that she had been whisked away by her brother during the night and brought to "Otherworld," and what he considers her home. Remender is clearly setting Betsy up for some serious internal (and external) conflict in this issue by pitting her against her Uncanny X-Force team -- particularly one of its members who had on more then one occasion very recently put himself on the line to ensure her safety. Will Psylocke reward his affections by allowing him to die at the hands of her brother?

Some very interesting points are made in this issue in regards to Fantomex's existence in other dimensions which may leave you wondering where it is he really came from. Whisking Psylocke away from her teammates does not come without some very interesting revelations and Psylocke quickly realizes that one of the people she loves is manipulating her. Will she allow this to occur or will she stop it? Will Psylocke allow the Omniverse tribunal so continue to try Fantomex for his actions?

Really well written issue and a completely new direction for UNCANNY X-FORCE. I am definitely interested in seeing what will happen next.

The Bad

While I really like Greg Tocchini's artistic style I don't know if I like it for this particular book. One of the things I liked about previous artists on X-Force was there ability to capture expression and emotion in the character's facial features. So much of the story was told through the art. Tocchini's style, while aesthetically pleasing, is difficult to decipher because it is so impressionistic. This book has a lot of action and it's sometimes hard to understand what's happening in some panels.

The Verdict

The art is definitely pretty, but I struggled to understand what was happening in many of the panels in this issue. The writing, however, is fantastic as always and is a solid start to the new Uncanny X-Force story arc. While I did not that some of the events in this issue allude to the events that took place during the Dark Angel Saga, I feel strongly that this issue is very accessible to new readers.