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Uncanny X-Force #14 - Thunder for the Next World


After taking on the identity of Archangel full-time, Warren abandons X-Force and prepares for the 'Age of Archangel.' Will he successfully dismantle X-Force? Will he be swayed by Betsy Braddock?

The moment X-Force fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. After traveling into the Age of Apocalypse, X-Force returns with the light seed needed to save Warren from self destruction, but is it too late? Spoilers below.

The Good

Comics are best when the events that take place either tug at your heart strings, or are seemingly hopeless. In the case of issue #14 of Uncanny X-Force, things could not feel more hopeless. As X-Force steps back into their current reality from A of A, they come face to face with Archangel and his new team -- and Archangel is not there to give them any kind of a warm welcome. In fact, the team finds Warren completely changed -- save for the brief warm regard he shares for Psylocke. What is important to note is the fact that upon seeing Betsy, Fantomex did not say anything affectionate, only that she is an important part of his future.

Everything so far has been leading up to this confrontation, and all signs indicate that Warren is lost to X-Force now for good. This turn to the dark side and this ruthlessness is immensely entertaining, however, and definitely feels like it will last. The pacing is fantastic and the issue will keep you at the edge of your seat through its entirety.

Who knew that Rick Remender could write a strong female character? Psylocke is the most interesting thing about this book. While she loves Warren, she is also very clear and prepared to do what she has to in order to save him. She's trained for the moment where Warren goes off the deep end -- and she knows that she might have no other choice than to kill him. The scenes she shares with Archangel are very interesting.

The Bad

There really isn't a whole lot to complain about with this issue. The pacing is great, the story is solid, and the issue will leave you wanting more. The art is also phenomenal.

The Verdict

This series will continue to keep readers on their toes and is one of the most entertaining Marvel books out right now. With fantastic art, and perfect pacing (and not to mention, some awesome one-liners from Deadpool) this book will not disappoint.