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Uncanny X-Force #13 - My World Won't Stop Without You


The X-Force team get their first look at what could be their future in Age of Apocalypses' Wolverine. Will the team manage to take the light seeds and make it to their world alive?

What would the future look like, and if you could see it and recognize it for being bad, would you change it if you could? Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

The Good

This issue is action packed. Not only is the 13th issue of Uncanny X-Force a fantastic one, but it's got absolutely everything you could want in a comic book. The pacing is very fast, so you have to be paying attention to the issue to really get a grasp at what is going on. The comic opens with an all out brawl, and Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey meets AoA Wolverine, who has been taken over by the Apocalypse.

The biggest and most interesting part of this issue is the way that Remender draws a parallel and similarities between the present Marvel Universe (where X-Force came from) and the Age of Apocalypse world. The world these characters live in is one that serves as an example to X-Force of what their world come eventually become. The issue has everything you could possibly want in a comic -- suspense, excitement, perfect pacing, beautiful art. It is fantastic. The story continues to keep me at the edge of my seat.

The Bad

The beginning is a bit confusing at first simply because there is so much going on, but the art makes it easy to understand. Definitely not a jumping on point. If you are new to Uncanny X-Force, I suggest you pick up at the beginning of the arc with issue, at the very least start at the beginning of 'The Dark Angel Saga.'

The Verdict

The story is shaping up to be extremely exciting, and I absolutely cannot wait to find out what has happened to Archangel since X-Force made the treacherous journey into AoA. Like I said previously, the book is very interesting and beautifully executed. It is, however, sad to see Wolverine catch a glimpse at what he could have had, only to lose everything again. Very sad.