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Uncanny X-Force #12 - Interruptions


Will Fantomex finally get that kiss?

Three weeks without an issue of X-Force is far too long of a wait. Finally, the issue we have been waiting for has arrived, and it does not disappoint!

The Good

It's hard to pin point what part of this issue isn't "good," to be honest. Issue #12 of X-Force is one of those complete edge of your seat reading experiences that will leave you wanting more. The issue picks up where we last left off in a discussion between Wolverine and AoA Jean Grey. The encounter serves as a reminder to Logan that his love for Jean never waned, even if at times throughout her life it had been (or at least felt to him) unrequited. It will leave the reader wondering whether or not Wolverine still holds some resentment toward Cyclops, something we have not seen a lot of throughout the more recent issues of X-Men. The characterization of Jean in this book is also different from the fragile image of her character that many of her fans may recall. As Logan says, this Jean is "hard as nails."She is tough. There is undoubtedly a chemistry between them that plays

There are two fantastic climactic scenes in this issue. The first is in the beginning between Logan and Jean, the second is the interaction between the two characters featured on the cover of the issue. Even though the cover to X-Force #12 shows Fantomex and Psylocke in an embrace, I won't spoil for you whether or not the scene takes place in the issue. However, I will say that the sexual chemistry and tension that has played out and that has developed between the two characters throughout the series does come to a head. I can't recall the last time I read a scene that was this sexy in a superhero comic book. Or any comic book, for that matter.

The art for this issue is absolutely breathtaking. Mark Brooks' pencils are gorgeous. Rick Remender's pacing is perfect -- he gives you just enough to whet your appetite.

The Bad

I really have no complaints with this issue. It's beautifully illustrated and colored, and the story is exciting.

The Verdict

Rick Remender has three ongoing stories running simultaneously in this issue, and each one of them is fantastic. Everything from the execution of the art to the pacing of this issue is just perfect. The chemistry and sparks between these characters will leave the reader at the edge of their seat and wanting more. I highly recommend this series, as Remender has consistently delivered a stellar book.