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Uncanny X-Force #12 Review


Spiral goes on the hunt, and the true nature of the Revenants is revealed!

The Good

Revelations abound this issue, not just about the Revenant Queen's identity, but what the Revenants really are. There's a reason something seemed a little bit familiar about the way those things operated, and it's worlds bigger than we might have predicted.

Adrian Alphona is in his element on this issue. Everything is just right, from dirty Hollywood to the creepy Revenants. Spiral is so chilling and so full of movement, and she's positively unstoppable in action. Hyper-intense colors by Chris Sotomayor fuel the action and make the issue seem almost dream-like -- perfect for a psychic prison.

As for the reveal itself, it may have been predictable (for astute readers and/or mummudrai fans), somewhat foreshadowed (for fans who knew that Ginny thing was going to come back to Spiral), or completely out of nowhere (I promise, I'm paying attention...), but regardless of how far ahead of this issue you saw it coming, it was a great fit for the Revenant storyline. The duality/evil doppelgänger concept is creepy and fascinating, it's just the right combination-psychic-physical conflict for the team to deal with, and it's even more intense now that we know the full story.

The Bad

Readers who aren't familiar with Cassandra Nova might not feel the impact of this reveal. It's an unavoidable risk, since she hasn't cropped up in quite some time, and some UNCANNY X-FORCE readers may have jumped on board with the Marvel Universe too recently to know who she is. If you're in that camp, I humbly suggest grabbing the omnibus of Grant Morrison's NEW X-MEN to learn more.

The Verdict

Mr. Bishop's Wild Ride continues in spectacular fashion, and now that we know the story behind the Revenants and their Queen, we're ready for a most serious confrontation. After all, it's only the end of the world at stake. Humphries has served up a fascinating arc thus far, and it's been stunningly realized on the page with the help of talented artists like Alphona and Sotomayor. Bishop, Storm, et al need to bring the heat next issue to keep the momentum going, but I have no doubt that they'll do so.

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Posted By Saren

Huh.......I would have figured that if Cassandra Nova was going to make a return, it would have been in X-Men Legacy, considering her nephew is headlining that title.

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Posted By spacemanspiff85

I really don't like the way he writes Psylocke. Every single issue there's at least one instance where I think "Psylocke wouldn't say that".

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Posted By M3th

Damn the Revenant story arc lasted for 12 issues?

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Posted By turel_hash_ak_gik

trigon attacks marvel 616. run!!!

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Posted By LiveForever

I really don't like the way he writes Psylocke. Every single issue there's at least one instance where I think "Psylocke wouldn't say that".

Yup. I was on board for the first five issues of this, but that was one thing nagging me. At least at the beginning of the run, the art was stunning. Not so anymore.

Brian Wood is writing a much more faithful Psylocke.

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Edited By spacemanspiff85


I just get the impression the book is trying too hard to be edgy or in your face or whatever, and it doesn't really work, for me at least.

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Posted By sparty-dbq

@spacemanspiff85: Absolutely. The Psylocke in this book has been a boozy, bitchy, self-loathing hag, whose apparently bisexual for no real reason.

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Posted By ShadowX

@sparty_dbq: people don't need a reason to be bisexual they just are. And I think its great for the character and representation.

Although there are other flaws he has with her character.

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Posted By SlickyMike88

I liked the art and story of the first volume, I just hope it continues that way

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Posted By sparty-dbq

@shadowx: I wasn't insinuating that Psylocke just "decided" to be bi. I meant that Humphries had her sleep with Cluster for the lamest of reasons.

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Edited By spacemanspiff85

What bugs me most is how great Remender wrote her, and how terrible she comes off in here. She was one of my favorite X-Men when Remender was writing this, but since he left she just comes off like some "extreme" nineties hero or something.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

eh dropped it after last issue.

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Posted By Hel

Spiral is the only reason I`m reading this title at all. Some great magic done by her in this issue but the art nearly ruined it

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Posted By 1nceagain

I'll get interested in this again when someone else is writing it.

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Posted By Cochise

Spiral was great in this issue. Humphries did a good job of presenting her as a believable anti-hero, someone who's trying to find out who she is now that she's not under Mojo's shadow. Her creative magic and tech use was very cool without being overpowering. Her transformation from Mojo's slave to independent character is the main reason I'm reading this series.

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Edited By Perfect 10

best issue of the series so far. spiral ROCKS. we just need cluster to join in and the team will FINALLY be complete.

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Posted By admwriter

I'm still trying to figure out why I've stuck with this book for 12 whole issues. It's a real mess. :-(