Comic Vine Review


Uncanny Avengers #14 - The Day Nor The Hour


The battle against the Apocalypse Twins heats up. This is definitely an issue people will be talking about.

The Good

I've had a lot of people the last couple days ask if they should be reading UNCANNY AVENGERS. Rick Remender has consistently been giving us interesting stories here. The good and the bad thing about the series is that it is separate from the other core Avengers and X-Men titles. It definitely stands on its own and, as this issue shows, it's not a title to be overlooked.

Remender opens the issue with some fascinating scenes. Kang is taking a trip all over time and space and what he's up to is something that have big repercussions later on. We see characters I never would have expected in a current Marvel title. Of course the real emphasis of the story is dealing with the Apocalypse Twins. Scarlet Witch is trying to make a deal and trick them in order to help save the mutant race. Wolverine has his hands full with Daken. Rogue and Sunfire have their own mission which goes against what Wolverine has ordered.

It's great to see Steve McNiven's art. There are quite a few great moments and seeing McNiven's detailed on the battered characters is great. Of course there are some really memorable scenes as well.

The Bad

The pages in the beginning were cool but didn't feel like they fit in with the rest of the issue. But build up for the next issue is good.

Hopefully readers will read the issue before being exposed to spoilers. Some big things happen and there's always the doubt, as comic fans, whether or not they'll stick. Even though the action is all taking place within a certain area, they sometimes come across as feeling pretty distant.

The Verdict

Get ready for some crazy stuff here. Rick Remender has been building up the story throughout this series and he does not slow down here. We're seeing more being added to the overall story and Remender does not shy away from the action. Big things happen which will lead to some interesting repercussions. Seeing how everyone deals with this, if they're given the chance amidst all the action, will be intriguing. Steve McNiven's art is a welcomed sight as he gets right down the gritty detail required in the scenes. What it comes down to is, you should not miss this issue.