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Ultimates #5 - Unimaginable


The Ultimates are in trouble and can only be saved by Galactus.

The Ultimates continue their journey outside of the universe to try and fix time. Their ship is falling apart, and they find themselves face-to-face with the Lifebringer, Galactus.

One of the things that drew me to this series was the name, since I'm such a big fan of the Ultimate Universe (RIP). Obviously, as we've talked before, writer Al Ewing isn't following exactly what fans of that universe were hoping for; however, what he's crafted is something so much more epic and amazing.

The Ultimates are up against larger threats: things that could eventually destroy the planet in the future. Here, their mission to fix time brings them almost to the outside of the universe. Ewing presents some high concept elements in a way that's easily accessible to the average reader. Going outside of the universe may be tough to grasp, as well as the fluidity of time and how it changes. Ewing is delivering so crazy concepts, and I'm completely enthralled. We won't even get into Eternity.

This series wouldn't work as well as it does without the art of Kenneth Rocafort and the colors of Dan Brown. Rocafort's page set-ups and panel layouts breathe the same chaotic nature of the story, lending the reader to spend more time on each page as the eye rolls over the action. As for Brown's colors, he does some phenomenal work on the issue, but I found myself really drawn to his work on Eternity, which seems to pop off the page. There's so much color detail there and so much to look at.

The bar is raised at the end of the issue as a familiar threat returns. Without spoiling anything, it's a pretty exciting reveal and Rocafort and Brown kill it with drawing this character. They look so awesome. It begs the question "are the Ultimates able to stand up against some of the greater forces in the Marvel Universe?"

The issue does slow down quite a bit later on as Galactus explains time to the team. It feels close to an information dump, but what the once "Eater of Worlds" is presenting to the team is all new info and insanely interesting. It may drag a bit but does so in a way that's entertaining and necessary.

Once again, ULTIMATES continues to be one of the best series Marvel is currently putting out. The series sits in its own little pocket and Ewing, Rocafort, and Brown seem to have free reign with what they're doing. This is a must read series, even if you're unfamiliar with the characters involved. ULTIMATES is treading new ground, and it's incredibly engaging.