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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13 - Divided We Fall, Part One


Miles Morales meets Captain America and struggles to deal with the downsides of vigilantism in the latest issue of his self-titled series.

The Good

First of all, David Marquez, you can draw Spider-Man anytime you want. In fact, you can draw anything you want because everything you draw is just so freakin' beautiful. This issue is gorgeous. David's pencils are so intricate that they pull you deep into the story; I guarantee you will get lost in it. The characters are all unique individuals, and their expressions and emotions are beautifully executed. Pair that with the incredible colors of Justin Ponsor, and you have one of the nicest looking books out on the shelf this week.

Putting aside how absolutely beautiful and emotional the art is in this issue, we have to give it up for the execution of a fantastic story. If you haven't been reading ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, this is the perfect place to start. America's political infrastructure has been torn to shreds, the states are seceeding from the Union, and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) has been targeted by police and the government for murder. The story opens with Tony Stark and Captain America who play on opposite sides of the issue. For Cap, Miles is far too young and impressionable to be roaming the streets of New York City playing superhero during such tumultuous times. I love that Stark draws a comparison between Spider-Man and a young Captain America -- not only is it funny, but it brings a neat perspective to the story.The focus of the issue moves away from these two heroes and to Miles, who has just born witness to the death of his Uncle. If you have been following the story then you know that Miles' Uncle was acting as a mentor to him; guiding him along and showing him that he is going to hold a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.

The death of Miles' uncle plays an incredibly important role through the entirety of the issue and is a theme that carries throughout. Sometimes when a character dies in a comic, we fail to see the results of that death and the way they alter a character and push a story; that's certainly not the case here.

This story is heavy! It's interesting, entertaining and will leave you wanting more. It will suck you in because it's so good (I love Bendis on this title, I really do), and leave you hanging on every panel. Truly one of my favorite comics of the week. If you don't love Spider-Man, give this book a shot. It is bound to change your mind.

The Bad

I loved this book so much, there's nothing bad here.

The Verdict

A comic is truly great when it can get the reader to feel an array of different emotions. You'll go from feeling really bad for Miles, to laughing at the way Bendis pokes fun at the villain in this issue; Batroc the Leaper. I think what I love the most (aside from the incredible art) is the dialogue. Each character is unique and has a unique voice, and Bendis really captures that magnificently. I hung on every word bubble and reveled in the beauty of every panel. If you are looking for a fun, entertaining, all-around great superhero comic to add to your pull list, you should definitely think about starting with this one.