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Ultimate Comics X-Men #8 - The Trouble With Telepaths!


Who's side is Karen Grant on?

The Good

Things are not always what they seem and appearances can be deceiving. This week's release of ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #8has been remarkably consistent with previous issues and it is bound to blow you away. Three pages in and readers will open to a two page spread of the "two great cities floating in the air." It's likely that this issue would not have been as impressive had there been another artist on the book; yet with the skill of Carlo Barberi and the delicate inks of Walden Wong and Juan Vlasco, how can we go wrong? If this issue is anything it is breathtaking. The artists capture emotion, perspective and depth of the characters and moments in each panel. It's a truly beautiful issue.

As for the story? It will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have been wondering "what side is Karen Grant on" then this is an one you absolutely do not want to miss out on.

Great pacing, exciting story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. This continues to be an immensely enjoyable series.

The Verdict

I really dig Marvel's Ultimate universe because writers have the tendency to do really bold things with their characters and plot lines. Creators take a lot more risks and as a reader, I am always left feeling surprised at the outcome of a story. This is yet another example of a really awesome comic book that will leave you with more questions than answers by the time you reach the final page. Exciting, beautifully illustrated and consistent pacing make this a must read for this week.